Lake District Wild Camp

This past weekend I spent a few days in the Lake District with a friend. Just thought I would share my notes from the trip. These are very rough notes, mainly for myself, but thought I would share. You will see mentioned something called Survival Station - This is a WhatsApp group we have set up that monitors local weather and used to send Alerts to anyone out in the field.


  • I slept great (tent, sleep mat, sleeping bag)
  • I was warm (good layers of clothing)
  • I stayed dry (mostly see below)
  • JetBoil (what a piece of equipment)
  • Stayed hydrated (with water filter and tablets, water everywhere, though not always easy to get to)
  • Improvised a sun shelter with walking poles and spare clothing
  • Had plenty of food supplies
  • Trail mix and energy bars work wonders for the body
  • Survival Station - weather warnings


  • Bag weight (tents and sleeping bags are heavy)
  • No tarp! (Stupid idiot! no protection from the Sun)
  • Fishing was a bust, would of gone to bed hungry if I didn't have food
  • Moisture! come late evening, you could feel the damp in the air and moisture, clothes were getting wet just from being outside
  • Maps don't do the scale of a place justice. Always check the scale and elevation when planning a route
  • My phone always had GPS (but no service or 4g)
  • No wood or fuel for fire
  • The mountains are really popular!

Author: Paul

Paul has had an interest in the outdoors since he was a young kid. Walking, tracking and exploring the wilderness around him, from disused overgrown railway lines to the vast wilderness of the UK national parks. Over the last few years Paul has honed his skills into specific areas of bushcraft and survival. He is an expert in map reading, shelter building and knots, traps and fishing.


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