Tree ID

Will grow into a very large tree if not coppiced. Often slender for a big tree, tapering towards the top. In woodland, it will develop a very tall, straight trunk.
Q. robur is ultimately a large tree; heavy limbed, spreading with twisted branches and broad crown which will become broader than tall.
When growing in the forest – tall dome on upward facing branches on top of long straight trunk.
A small to medium sized tree with a straight, clean trunk. A fairly open and uncluttered top with branches pointing cleanly upwards. Hardy.
A large tree (up to 25m) with a solid trunk. The spreading crown is often high. Branches take an upward direction but droop at the thinner ends.
Messy-looking, dense, twiggy, spiny, spreading. Generally looks like a big bush rather than a tree. Can form impenetrable thickets. Can be surrounded by suckers. Hard to see any central trunk.
Hedgerow shrub or small tree. Can be multi-stemmed or with single trunk.
A general upright character with densely packed, fine branches and a muscular trunk.
It can often be no more than a shrub with multiple stems but can grow into a taller tree with bushy crown.
Vigorous, fast-growing pioneer species. Young branches point upwards but eventually, their tips take on a weeping nature, putting the pendulous in pendula.
Upright, straight-trunked tree. Spire-shaped when young, potentially broadening with age.


It's been a while since I've found the time to fly my drone. I passed the test a while ago after new laws were introduced in the UK for piloting a drone and haven't had the time or ideal conditions to get out and enjoy it!
My notes from the Lake District wild camp
Luke and Paul head to the woods for 24 hours on a training exercise.
You need to understand your physiology. How environments affect your body. From heat to cold, wind to rain etc.
Here is a short list of natural tinders you can find out in the wilds to help increase the changes of getting that all important fire.
People often ask us about sleeping out under the stars with a bivvy bag. We go into detail in this latest post about how best to do that.
Fire is primal. It brings people together. It’s the heart of a camp and used to cook and purify water.
The nuts are delicious, prick skins and roast in the oven or near and open fire. They are great in soups, pickled, candied or even in a stuffing.
A vehicle can be anything from a car or motorbike to an aeroplane. Vehicles for the average person are a means to get from A to B or to and from work.
The fruits are way too sour to eat raw. Best picked after a frost or prick them and soak them in gin to make a sloe gin. You can use them in sauces with apples, wines and jellies.
Young leaves can be eaten raw. The flowers can be made into wine and the ripe berries make a great jelly.
The flowers have a fragrant and honey-like smell, pick them in full bloom and dry to make a soothing tea. You can eat the young leaves raw in salads and sandwiches.